Week Day & Daytime - Discounts

36 S. Evergreen Ave / Arlington Heights, IL 

(1 Block from the CMX Movie Theater - Downtown)

(15 Minutes from O'Hare Airport)


Email: breakescape@hotmail.com

Break Escape - in Arlington Heights, IL

lets you play the hero and prove to yourself that you have the mental power to solve the

clues, riddles, puzzles and brain teasers to overcome all the obstacles, to "Escape" the room, before the time runs out! There are no cell phones, internet or Google you can rely on... only your teammates. 

Teamwork is the key with your friends, family, strangers or strange family members. 

Read our FAQ’s.

* Date Night

* Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties

* Birthday Parties

* Corporate Team Building

* Friends Get Together

* Youth Groups

* Discounts for coming during day/week

   (check our booking page)

Call for Same day booking

Week Day & Daytime - Discounts

Call for Same day booking

Remember... No one gets out alone! - You must rely on your team and listen to everyone's ideas....time  is ticking - tick tock, tick tock, ... there is only 60 Minutes - so....

"Don't Waste Time!"...

BreakEscape - Escape Rooms

BreakEscape - Escape Rooms

        Arlington Heights, IL


BreakEscape - Escape Rooms in Arlington Heights, IL

Battle Creek, MI

** Closed for remodeling **

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