**What Will Happen To Me in a BreakEscape Adventure? **

You and your friends or family will find yourself in a "locked" room, and by using only your smarts (NO SMART PHONES!) work to get out in a specified time (one hour) by observing clues, and solving a variety of puzzles and riddles.  By using teamwork, you MAY achieve success in this unique and challenging experience.

1.  When should we arrive before a mission?

Please arrive at least 10 mins before schedule to receive important briefing information

2.  Can I book a room outside of normal times..such as a private party?

You can book a room outside of normal schedule times, Call (269) 883-6418 to book private parties

3.  Am I really locked in the room?

You really are confined to the room,  There is a fire exit as well as the entry door.  You can leave at any time but, you'll feel much more accomplished if you solve the puzzle to get out.

4.  What if I don't have a group of 6 people..can I still do the room?

You don't need a complete group of 6... You can do it with just two of you or be paired up with others

5.  What should I bring with me?

Just your friends...lol We don't allow use of any personal items in the room including cell phones

6.  Is there an age limit?

 Ideally, at least 16 years of age, and to really enjoy nobody under the age of 12.  If under 16 must have

a paying adult of at least 18 years of age with them.

7.  What mission should I choose?

You can choose any of our missions that you want but the Library is moderate to hard level of difficulty & Hunters Cabin

is moderate level..

8.  Are reservations required?

No...but we tend to book up on weekends so to make sure you don't waste a trip check our availability.

9.  Can I change a reservation or get a refund?

There are no refunds but you can change a reservation as long as at least a 72 hour notice.  Because we have

limited space and time slots there are no changes within 72 hours because it is to hard to fill that slot on short notice.

10.  What happens if I make it out before the clock expires?

First of all the rooms are designed to be difficult, so only about 50% of the people make it out the first time.  It all depends on your own smarts and teamwork with your other members.  If you do make it out, you get to brag to your friends.

11.  Is there a discount for large groups or corporate events?

We work with all groups and provide private use of the rooms and discounted tickets for large groups. 

Please contact us with your needs. 

Corporate Team Building.

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